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Altman MSPIN for Micro Ellipse

Altman MSPIN for Micro Ellipse

Part Number: Altman MSPIN

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Altman MSPIN for Micro Ellipse

The MasterSpin is a double gobo rotator delivering kinetic, and often spectacular, lighting effects simply by counter- rotating two gobos simultaneously at specific selectable speeds. This device accepts up to two size E (37. 5 mm) patterns of steel, glass, or both, for installation in the pattern slot of an Altman Master Ellipse or Micro Ellipse luminaire. The two gobos remain centered in the optical path of the ellipsoidal, separated by the thickness of the material of the holders. Varying focus, either cleanly on one of the two gobos or on neither, can vary the effect produced without gobo replacement. Rotation is also variable at the power supply, to seven different constant speed settings; or the power supply can be attached to virtually any conventional dimmer, for virtually infinite speed variations. Alternately, one gobo only can be spun, particularly for spiral effects.

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