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Applied NN WP-800 8 Scene Snapshot Wall Station

Part Number: Applied NN E2-00-800

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Applied NN WP-800 8 Scene Snapshot Wall Station

Applied Electronics Model WP-800 Scene Capture Wall Plate allows up to eight scenes to be stored and then recalled at a later time. Scenes are stored in non-volatile memory in the wall plate itself, and will be retained in the case of power loss. A “Full Off” button causes all output levels to go to zero. "Up" and "Down" buttons allow the output level of the selected scene to be adjusted from zero to their full stored values.


  • 8 Scene push button
  • Scene Fade with Full Off
  • 2 gang wall box
  • Intensity control of recorded scenes
  • Easy pushbutton interface
  • Record scenes with up to 96 channels
  • Simple RJ-45 daisy-chain topology
  • Units fit standard install device boxes
  • No separate power supply Required
  • Last Takes Precedence (LTP) control between controllers
  • Highest Takes Precedence (HTP) with DMX control
  • Compatible with SA12-2400A and DP12-2400 dimmers

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