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Applied NN WPL Lockout Wall Station

Applied NN WPL Lockout Wall Station

Part Number: Applied NN E2-03-101


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Applied NN WPL Lockout Wall Station

The Model WPL Lockout Panel adds the capability to force the dimmer system to ignore control signals from all wallplates, so that the system outputs are temporarily under the exclusive control of the lighting console.


  • Lockout panel
  • Pushbutton lockout of all stations in system
  • Does not disrupt DMX control
  • 1 gang wall box
  • Simple RJ-45 daisy-chain topology
  • Units fit standard install device boxes
  • No separate power supply Required
  • Last Takes Precedence (LTP) control between controllers
  • Highest Takes Precedence (HTP) with DMX control
  • Compatible with SA12-2400A and DP12-2400 dimmers
  • Condition: New

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