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Applied NN 8 ch 3 Phase Ceep-7 Motor Controller

Part Number: Applied NN E9-01-803


Applied NN 8 ch 3 Phase Ceep-7 Motor Controller

Applied Electronics MC Series Hoist Controller provides hoist control for up to 12 motors. The system is comprised of a Main Console which performs all power input, output, and up/down switching functions, and a Remote Control Unit which allows for remote control of the motor up/down functions. The system is provided in a variety of configurations based on user needs.


  • Three phase 208V configuration
  • Dual microprocessor design (main unit & hand held remote)
  • Full magnetic circuit breaker protection
  • From 4 to 32 hoists
  • Power & phase indicators
  • 50A Dual twistlock power input connector
  • Lightweight rolling pelican case
Remote features:
  • Individual "Bump" pushbuttons
  • Processor independent E-stop system
  • Red-Green direction LED indicators
  • 50' 6pin XLR data cable standard
  • Condition: New

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