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City Theatrical Vertical Extension Tube - 6in.

Part Number: City Theatrical 091


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City Theatrical Vertical Extension Tube - 6in.

Vertical Extension Tubes let you hang your unit 6 inches down. A simple way to raise or lower a piece of equipment relative to the hanging position. Compatible with c-clamps, Track Tamers, or each other.


  • Safe, Easy and Reliable
  • Stable core of 1/2" threaded rod
  • Can be connected together to acheive lengths up to 10-12 ft.
  • Hangs with a standard C-Clamp, or to a half coupler using the VET adaptor
  • Set screw for safety
  • Use only in the downward hanging position
  • Weight limit - 50 kg (100 lbs) - Designed to hold only one unit at a time.
  • Condition: New

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