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ETC SmartFade 12/96 Controller Console (7219A1295)

Part Number: ETC SF1296

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ETC SmartFade 12/96 Controller Console (7219A1295)

Way more than a two-scene preset board. This is a compact console with serious power under the hood. Take it to a gig or make it your back-up board in a DMX system. Available in three configurations, SmartFade gives you big ETC lighting control quality at a compact price. Easy to use, powerful to play with - including a rich special-feature set when you need it.

You don't have to be a lighting professional to use SmartFade -- the most powerful little lighting desk you already know how to use.

ETC's Smart Solutions family just got even smarter, with SmartFade lighting control.

SmartFade 1296 - the size of the SmartFade 1248, with the channel count of its larger brother, the SmartFade 1296 is designed for special applications where channel count and console size are paramount, such as small TV studios, small control booths or industrials.

  • Three variations: SmartFade 1248, SmartFade 1296 and SmartFade 2496
  • Two-Scene Opreation: 12
  • Single-Scene Operation: 96
  • 48 24-step sequences
  • 99-step Stack sequence
  • Manual or timed fades
  • "Magic" button for random output
  • "Snapshot" temporary memory storage
  • Master fader and Blackout button
  • Bumps master fader and solo
  • DMX out and DMX in
  • MIDI in and MIDI out
  • USB connection for software download
  • SD card slot for show storage
  • English, French, German & Spanish LCD support


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