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ETC SmartPack Portable Twist Lock Pack 6 - 20A Dimmers (7020A1100-C)

ETC SmartPack Portable Twist Lock Pack 6 - 20A Dimmers (7020A1100-C)

Part Number: ETC SL620C

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ETC SmartPack Portable Twist Lock Pack 6 - 20A Dimmers (7020A1100-C)

Responding to the needs of the portable dimming industry, ETC brings the Sensor level of technology to portable dimmer packs with the introduction of SmartPack. The SmartPack line of portable dimmer packs is designed to provide thyristor-based, professional quality dimming in a rugged 19-inch 2U rack mount package. SmartPack is DMX512A compatible, RDM-ready and a whole lot more. With the built-in presets and sequencer, SmartPack can run on its own for permanent displays and presentations, no need for a console. The sequencer makes it easy to program sophisticated fade and wait times directly from the face panel. Once programmed, the Auto-Restart option allows for completely unattended operation day after day. With a wide range of output panels available and multi-language capability as standard, SmartPack is ready to travel.

Be ready to go, ready for anything. The SmartPack was designed from the outside in. The all-steel rugged case passes the US Transport road test and tolerates extreme vibration - up to 30g. The attractive front panel protects the circuit breakers from cables and accidental switches. Internal construction simplifies manufacturing and service. Integrated into a single high-performance plug-in power block, the thyristors are replaceable in minutes without soldering. Just remove the screws and open the top panel and you have access to all components. Units are easily changed from three-phase to single phase operation as needed. Get SmartPack - the newest dimmer from ETC.


  • Packed with ETC dimming performance and reliability
  • Maximum density available for minimum cost
  • Built-in Presets (32) and sequencer for stand alone operation
  • True thyristor reliability based on Sensor(tm) technology
  • All magnetic circuit breakers, fully rated
  • DMX512A Compatible
  • Wide Range of output options

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