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Rosco E-Colour 019 Fire - T8 24in. Quicksleeve

Rosco E-Colour 019 Fire - T8 24in. Quicksleeve

Part Number: Rosco E-Colour QS #019 T824


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Rosco E-Colour 019 Fire - T8 24in. Quicksleeve

Strong red amber. Excellent for fire effects. (Transmission = 24.3%).

Putting color on your fluorescent light sources is easier-and gentler on your budgets-using Rosco's newest color sleeve product, Quick Color Sleeves. This gel-only product is a flat welded tube of Rosco color filter, made in any color from any line of Rosco gel. T5 and T8 sleeves come standard with UV filter. Folded flat for easy shipping and storage, the sleeve puffs open like an envelope to slide over any size or shape of fluorescent tube, from small T3 and T5 lamps to larger T12 and biaxial shapes. Quick Color Sleeves are easily cut with scissors or a knife.

Custom sizes can be made to order and Quick Color Sleeves can be made from any plastic color filter, though minimum quantities may apply. Contact Stage Lighting Store for details.

Not for use on HO or VHO lamps.

Please note that this product is custom made and cannot be returned.

  • Condition: New

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