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Pathway DMX/RDM Splitter

Part Number: Pathway 1009

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Pathway DMX/RDM Splitter

More than a mere opto-splitter, the eDIN DMX/RDM Repeater fully supports the bi-directional communications necessary for E1.20 RDM - Remote Device Management, in installations requiring star-wiring layouts.


DMX512-A and E1.20 RDM compliant All ports opto-isolated from each other to protect against ground loops and common voltage faults Self-resetting poly-switch fuses RDM can be disabled, to accommodate legacy equipment eDIN DMX/RDM Splitter discoverable with RDM DMX Thru connector fully supports RDM Data can be 'daisy-chained' through up to 7 cards Indicator LEDs for power and data Available as a module alone, or as pre-built installation repeaters in 4-, 8- or 12-output enclosures When factory-installed in a Pathway enclosure, the assembly is ETL-listed

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