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Pathway Pathport Octo 8-Port Node w/ Rear Phoenix-Style Terminal Strip

Part Number: Pathway 6402


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Pathway Pathport Octo 8-Port Node w/ Rear Phoenix-Style Terminal Strip

The latest addition to the Pathport line up - an eight-port rackmount node - provides compact installation for any size system, as well as a simple, straightforward replacement option for Pathfinder matrix switching systems. Eight inputs, eight outputs - or any combination in between, the Octo provides all the features and flexibility Pathports are renowned for, at our lowest cost-per-port.

Status LEDs provide instant confirmation of port direction and activity. The LCD display offers further diagnostics and a basic configuration interface. Most users will not need a computer to set up the Octo. Full configuration, especially for multi-node installations, is easily done using Pathport Manager 5.

Standard operating features include crossfade between sources, configure DMX speed and signal loss behavior port-by-port, and multi-protocol support. Even automatically merge different DMX-over-Ethernet protocols together.

Pathfinder LR/MR Users: The Octo is well-suited for upgrading Pathfinder installations to an Ethernet-enabled system. We also have an adaptor kit that allows retaining all existing DMX wiring. Simply unplug the LR or MR modules, swap in the Octos, and replug. Simple, fast and very cost effective.


  • Eight ports, individually configurable as inputs or outputs
  • Address support for up to 128 universes
  • DMX routing on a universe or channel-by-channel basis
  • Each output can merge and/or prioritize up to eight input sources on a channel-by-channel basis
  • Front panel display provides diagnostics and basic configuration
  • Full configuration and showfile management including saving with Pathport Manager 5
  • Supports the E1.31 Streaming ACN standard (Net3) as well as the ArtNet, Pathport and Shownet protocols
  • Condition: New

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