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ArKaos Media Master Express + KN


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ArKaos Media Master Express + KN

The ArKaos MediaMaster Express + KN allows anyone anywhere to exploit the possibilities of a powerful media server. It combines ease of use and high performance at an affordable price, making it the perfect solution for quick media management and playback on our MVP or EPIX Series. Also included in this software is the ability to output the Kling-Net protocol for the ability to control our EPIX Series of fixtures.


  • Video playback control software with a practical interface
  • Multi-threaded engine delivers incredible performance by taking advantage of multi-core machines
  • Easily control video layers with the standard keyboard/mouse, MIDI, or DMX
  • Organize your shows with up to 4,096 user-configurable layers
  • Play back up to 8 simultaneous layers
  • Control up to 3 parameters per layer
  • Optional fade time on trigger provides smooth playback for live events
  • Kling-Net support allows for fast & easy plug-and-play configuration of EPIX products
  • Support for Syphon on Mac, allowing to natively output to any other application that supports Syphon as input
  • Included LED pixel mapper module to easily drive video content to any pixel array via Art-net
  • Multi-monitor support on Windows Vista and 7 provides support for independent playback and integration of multiple projectors
  • 8 independent video layers allows picture-in-picture, picture-over-picture or a wide range of layering of multiple videos to create your own custom show
  • Full support for SD and HD in all popular video formats, including AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, WMV, MP4, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, SWF, and many more
  • Intuitive user interface allows fast learning curve that anyone can learn in a few minutes!
  • 60+ effects
  • Audio Visualization Generators that react to any audio input, including laptop microphones, microphone/line input, or onboard audio playback
  • Content DVD included with every purchase which includes an additional 25 text layers, 26 Audio Visualizations, and 169 source visuals (4.1 GB in SD and HD)
  • Native support for video inputs (PCI card, FireWire DV / HDV, USB, etc.)
  • Frame blending for smooth playback even at very slow speed (adjustable)
  • Software Genlocking to the output monitors for perfect playback up to 60fps without dropping frame
  • Direct mouse and DMX control over master brightness & contrast
  • Keystone correction from within the Media Master software
  • Internal MPEG2-MPEG4 codec for enhanced reliability
  • Native support of H.264 through FFMPEG 0.5
  • Support of all common media formats (AVI, MPEG, QuickTime MOV, Flash, WMV, picture files, etc)
  • Audio playback supported along with the video layers, along with a master volume control


  • System Requirements:
    • PC
      • OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
      • Processor: Pentium IV 2Ghz (and up)
      • RAM: 512MB, 1GB recommended
      • Media Component: QuickTime 6.5.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer 9.0 (and up), DirectXTM 9.0c (and up)
    • MAC
      • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 (and up)
      • Processor: Any Intel Mac, G4/1Ghz (and up)
      • RAM: 512MB, 1GB recommended
      • Media Component: QuickTime 6.5.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer 9.0 (and up)

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