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Rosco 7300 Polarizing Filter - 17in. x 20in. Sheet

Part Number: Rosco 101073001720


Rosco 7300 Polarizing Filter - 17in. x 20in. Sheet

Rosco Polarizing Filter is produced on a 6 mil acetate base. It is an excellent neutral grey with minimal color temperature shift. Transmission is 38% (11/2 stops).

This neutral grey linear polarizing film is used in front of a light source to reduce the glare caused by smooth surfaces such as glass, water, paper and certain metallic objects. It is especially effective when used in conjunction with a polarizing filter at the lens (cross polarization). The polarizing filter be placed at a distance from hot lights.

In addition to glare reduction, Rosco Polarizing Filter may be utilized for a variety of other special effects or technical Applications. These include Birefringence (for crystal photography) and motion illusion.

This filter is polarized differently than the Rosco VIEW filters. It will not work with Rosco VIEW.

  • Condition: New

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