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Rosco DC/DMX Controller - 120V

Rosco DC/DMX Controller - 120V

Part Number: Rosco 205450000120

Appears in: Rosco Controllers

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Rosco DC/DMX Controller - 120V

The Rosco DC/DMX Controller provides power and speed control for the Double Gobo Rotator, Single Gobo Rotator and Animation Motor Units. The controller is engineered to offer remote access of Rosco's effects equipment via DMX 512.

  • DC/DMX Controller will operate 2 Double Rotators or 1 Double Rotator and 2 Single Rotators or 2 Animation Motor Units and 2 Single Rotators.
  • On-board DMX addressing.
  • DMX Controllers can be daisy-chained via 5-pin DMX cable.

The unit is fitted with two 4-pin female XLR receptacles for controlling up to 4 motors per unit. Each connector carries 2 channels of control so a Splitter Cable is required when using more than two effects. Also, two 5-pin DMX receptacles are fitted for DMX in and out.

DMX Operation:
In DMX mode, the DC controller responds to eight consecutive channels of DMX data, the start address being set on the front panel. Each of the four DMX Controller outputs are controlled by two DMX channels. On the lighting console, each effect appears as two channels on your light board, one for forward and one for reverse.

Preset Operation
In the absence of a suitable DMX signal the four rotary switches on the front of the unit will allow the levels of the four output channels to be preset. Each channel can be assigned a speed on an arbitrary 0 - 9 scale.

Product Specifications:

  • Power Requirements: 100V AC, 120V AC and 240V AC
  • Connections: 2 4-pin XLR and 2 5-pin DMX receptacles.
  • Condition: New

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