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ETC DRd12 Semi-Recessed Installation Kit (7183K1002)

Part Number: ETC DRD12-RIK

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ETC DRd12 Semi-Recessed Installation Kit (7183K1002)

When the available space for lighting-control enclosures is severely limited (no room in your electrical closets — or no electrical closet available at all), the new Unison DRd Semi-Recessed Installation Kit (DRd-RIK) provides a placement solution.

The Unison DRd Semi-Recessed Installation Kit allows the control enclosure to be partially set back into a wall cavity while still maintaining proper ventilation around the unit, and more importantly, a safe and clean installation.

The Kit also has convenient adjustable side rails that adapt to various depths of wall construction. When installed in six-inch nominal walls, the combination kit/enclosure meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Kit comes with a dead-front, color-matched cover plate to hide any drywall seams, as well as a knock-out plate for use when the Battery Pack Option is installed.

Two versions are available: the DRd6-RIK (for the DRd6) and the DRd12-RIK (for the DRd12).

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