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Electro-Voice Soundmate Portable Listening System - 72.9 MHz I Freq.

Electro-Voice Soundmate Portable Listening System - 72.9 MHz I Freq.

Part Number: Electro-Voice SMP-2-I

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Electro-Voice Soundmate Portable Listening System - 72.9 MHz I Freq.

SoundMate Portable Listening System includes:
  • One PST-170 17 Channel portable transmitter
  • One HM2 headworn unidirectional microphone
  • Six SR-50 single channel receivers
  • Six HED-2 dual earphones
  • 14 AA alkaline batteries
  • System briefcase with custom foam inserts
Note: SMP-2 is only available in channels A, E, I, and O.

PST-170 Beltpack Transmitter Features:
  • The PST-170 Belt Pack Transmitter may be set to any one of the 17 channels, which is displayed on the backlit LCD, and operates on frequencies in the 72-76 MHz band.
  • It is lightweight, battery operated, and includes a small lapel microphone for convenient portable use.
  • The PST-170 has two audio input jacks.
  • The Auxiliary input is designed to allow the use of audio devices such as teacher’s aids or tape players.
  • The second jack is normally used with a microphone and is located on the top panel.
  • The PST-170 is also compatible with the E.D.R. feature of the SR-400.
HM2 Headworn Mic Features:
  • Lightweight – 0.9 oz (25 gm), less cable
  • Behind-the-head headband is comfortable and stays in place
  • Cardioid pattern for good gain-before-feedback
  • Frequency response and proximity effect equivalent to handheld vocal mics
  • TA4F connector is compatible with all EV bodypack transmitters
SR-50 Single Channel Receiver Features:
  • Provides clear reception and the simplicity of a fixed channel.
  • This economical receiver operates on one of 17 fixed narrow-band frequencies in the 72-76 MHz band.
  • Ergonomic raised volume control knob make level adjustments easily accessible by feel.
  • Recessed headphone jack provides extra protection for earphone connections.
  • Two AA batteries give up to 30 hours continuous battery life.

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