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BulletX - Pack of 40

BulletX is the next generation of lighting expendable evolution.

The entertainment industry adopted the standard household clothespin for lighting production use over 80 years ago. Industry professionals refer to it as "C47." We use the "C47" on lighting fixtures on set, every day.

However, since this product was not designed for the lighting industry, it must be modified daily to address the needs of lighting professionals. Converting a standard clothespin to a C47 requires added time in a very fast-paced environment! So why not have a product that is already manufactured to work correctly? Why has such an innovative industry tolerated an outdated product for so long? Allow us to introducing the bulletX!

This long-anticipated C47 replacement will make your life on set so much easier.

If you want to have the highest production appearance during behind-the-scenes shoots, old wood clothespins and binder clips on your lighting fixtures won't do. The bulletX is "production black" to blend in! Why risk a C47 releasing from the kino door during a shoot because the jaw opening is too small? The bulletX has a larger double notched 1" jaw opening and a stronger spring! Using multiple types of clips - clothespin, binder clips, small spring clamps and tape - for all your production applications is a nuisance of the past.

The bulletX saves valuable time and replaces all of these items. There's no need to struggle with hot scrims & burnt gel in fresnel lights, when the bulletX has a tapered nose for small spaces! The bulletX is smart, simple, efficient, and it gets the job done right. What more can you ask for?

  • (40) bulletXs per pack
  • Heavy duty black oxide torsion spring
  • Dual notched jaws for superior gripping
  • Tapered bullet nose for narrow spaces
  • Size: 3.25" Length x 1" Width
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
  • Color: Production Black matte finish
  • Material: Birch wood
  • Pack quantity: 40
  • Condition: New

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