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Rosco Steel Gobo SLS 0001 Stitched Awareness Ribbon

Rosco Steel Gobo SLS 0001 Stitched Awareness Ribbon

Part Number: Rosco Steel Gobo SLS 0001


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Rosco Steel Gobo SLS 0001 Stitched Awareness Ribbon

Unique Stage Lighting Store design!

Rosco Steel Patterns, or gobos, are widely used by designers in theatre, film, photography and television to create atmosphere, project scenery, and generally enhance the visual impact of their lighting. To insure design integrity the patterns are etched using a precise double-sided process on stainless steel. The result is durable, high quality patterns which will withstand the extreme heat at the gate of ellipsoidal spotlights.

Conceived by some of the world's leading lighting designers, the Rosco range presently includes over 1000 standard steel gobo designs, illustrated in the Designer Pattern Catalog or the On-Line catalog, and all of which are available through the Stage Lighting Store.

Rosco Steel Gobos are available in 11 standard sizes which comprise most of the fixtures currently available. The popular "A" and "B" sizes fit most ellipsoidal luminaires. Gobo Holders are available for A and B size steel gobos. Standard sizes for popular moving lights are also available. Trimming of patterns, where necessary, can be easily accomplished with a pair of scissors. For a complete list of sizes and fixtures, refer to the fixture chart.

Because of the unique design of this gobo, it is not returnable.

  • Condition: New

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