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City Theatrical Beam Bender 6 1/4in.

Part Number: City Theatrical 1400


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City Theatrical Beam Bender 6 1/4in.

City Theatrical Beam Bender for Source Four / Shakespeare Ellipsoidals (excluding Source Four Zoom)

Unique lighting accessory that attaches easily to any Source Four, SL, Shakespeare or Selecon Pacific ellipsoidal. Allows for flexibility in fixture placement and is ideal for shooting around scenery or other obstructions. Features an adjustable mirror for controlling angle and spread of beam.

Especially useful for dance designers needing maximum light output at floor level, or to have the entire light beam a fraction of an inch off the floor, but not touching the floor or lighting the floor. Also useful for having fixtures in tight areas; if there is enough room to align the lighting fixture horizontally, the Beam Bender can divert the beam path 90° to make the light travel straight down.

  • Condition: New

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