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Littlite 18in. Gooseneck LED with 4-Pin Connector

Littlite 18in. Gooseneck LED with 4-Pin Connector

Part Number: Littlite 18X-4-LED-180

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Littlite 18in. Gooseneck LED with 4-Pin Connector

This model is configured for use on Midas Venice consoles. Insert pins are rotated 180° to orient the light correctly when positioned over the desk.

Littlite LED Gooseneck with 4-pin XLR connector. Light output is white. Can be used anywhere a standard X-4-Series gooseneck works. Switchable red only output (Lampsets only) the Littlite LED can become a red light for unobtrusive use with no impact on the users night vision, or a white source with good color rendering. Littlite LED products employ two white and three red LED's to give you the best display of usable white light in a compact package.

Low power Approximately 100 milliamps at 12 volts drives the Littlite LED to full output.Long life Over-driving seriously reduces the life of white LED's. The LED's in the Littlite LED are not overdriven and may be expected to remain useful for over 5000 hours of operation.


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