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Lycian 2500W Lamphouse

Lycian 2500W Lamphouse

Part Number: Lycian 2025


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Lycian 2500W Lamphouse

The 2500W lamphouse uses a short 2500 Watt double ended HMI lamp manufactured by Osram and uses precision condenser optics to produce a flat and very clean beam. A long HMI type lamp is not useable. The lamphouse contains a no-tool lamp holder, condensing lens, quiet cooling blower, reflector, high voltage igniter, and safety interlock switches. The top door hinges open for lamp changes and cleaning. Changing of the lamp requires releasing both lamp lever locks located on the top of the lamp socket cooling fins. Rotating backward the rear fin assemblies, the lamp can be lowered into the pre-aligned socket. Rotating the rear fin assemblies forward and engaging the two cam lock latches will conclude the installation.

  • Condition: New

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