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Lycian ZOT 1200 HPi Discharge Followspot

Lycian ZOT 1500 HPi Discharge Followspot

Part Number: Lycian ZOT 15i


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Lycian ZOT 1500 HPi Discharge Followspot

This is the upgraded ZOT 1200 HPi Discharge Followspot. The "i" represents improvements made in the optics and cooling systems, now with a traditional trombone zoom for a greater spot to flood ratio and has slightly improved photometrics. The color boomerang is now a manual push-pull.


  • 1500W Arc* (can be user adjusted down to 1200 in case the 1500 setting is too bright.)
  • Fast lamp change with Fast-Fit / Lok-It style lamps
  • Internal 6-color self-cancelling color boomerang
  • Innovative spot size controller
  • Rear fader control
  • Fine focus to soften & harden edge
  • New yoke design allows extreme downward tilt
  • Includes: ballast, power cord, & rigid three-legged base with locking casters

*Lamp not included.

  • Condition: New

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