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Lycian ZOT 12 Followspot

Lycian ZOT 12 Tungsten

Part Number: Lycian ZOT 12i


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Lycian ZOT 12 Tungsten

Spot diameter shall be controlled via a rear handle iris control linked to a nichrome steel iris. The unit shall include an external fine focus control, top operated fader and a top mounted 5- color, push-pull boomerang. A resiliently mounted, dichroic glass reflector and optical quality glass lenses shall complete the optical system. Lamping shall be through a rear door. Lamping utilizes a "bayonet" style lamp/socket combination. The lamp is inserted through the socket and with a slight twist, locks in place. The ZOT, 5HPi, 7HPi, 12, shall have selfcontained power supplies with an ON/OFF switch. Zot 5 & 7 also include a circuit breaker. An 11 foot line cord, terminated In a NEMA 5-15P connector is also supplied. The ZOT 15 shall have an external power supply connected to the spotlight head via a 6 foot flexible cord terminated in a head mounted twist- lock type connector. The ON/ OFF switch and circuit breaker shall be power supply mounted. The external power supply shall have a 10 foot line cord terminated in a NEMA 5-15P connector. A three legged fixed base will be standard. Units shall be cooled by low volume (70 cfm maximum) muffin fans. Units using high volume fans shall not be acceptable. Housing shall be constructed of extruded aluminum and cold rolled steel and be powder coated using black and gold powder. Unit heads (all units) shall measure 42-1/2” long x 15” wide and 13” high including all controls. Units are manufactured in the United States of America


  • Choose from 1200W Tungsten & 575, 700 & 1200W Arc 
  • Fast lamp change with Fast-Fit/Lok-It style lamps (not included)
  • Perfect for clubs, schools, cruise ships, theatres, small arenas, etc.


  • Internal 6-color self-canceling color boomerang
  • Innovative spot size controller
  • Rear fader control
  • Fine focus to soften and harden edge
  • Available with 3-legged base with casters or folding tripod
  • NEW yoke design allows exteme downward tilt
  • Condition: New

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