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Mega-Lite Drama FS LED 900 Follow Spot

Part Number: Mega-Lite 7048


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Mega-Lite Drama FS LED 900 Follow Spot

The Drama FS-LED 900 is an extremely powerful follow spot LED fixture. Faders and buttons are located on the included DMX controller. The unit has a color wheel that produces a red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white spotlight. It features a CTO wheel, used both for adjusting color temperature and the color hue of each primary and secondary color. The diameter of the spot can be easily adjusted with the unit’s built-in iris, great for long throw highlighting of small objects on stage. The Drama FS-LED 900 has a fader for controlling the smooth dimmer. The unit ships with the stand and is compact, allowing for easy transport and use in cramped spaces.


  • Equipped with iris, dimmer, focus, shutter, zoom and color wheel with fader in order to create various effects
  • CTO Wheel features 3 color temps: 4353K, 4997K, and 5062K
  • Very bright 350W COB LED
  • DMX 512 Control
  • Stand included, measures 38.25" x 71.25" max
  • Fixture measures 10.33" x 34.5" x 13.5"
  • Condition: New

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