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Omnisistem Blue Stinger Laser

Part Number: OmniSistem STINGER-1B

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Omnisistem Blue Stinger Laser


  • 28 Patterns
  • Hundreds of variations
  • X/Y Rotation, Offset, Gain
  • Feedback stabilization
  • TE Cooled
  • Beam targeting capable
  • Laser Color: Blue
  • Stabilization:
    • OST - Optical Feedback Stabilized TE-Cooling (4.95mW Unit Only)
    • TE-Cooling all other models
  • Control:
    • DMX-512, 7 channels
    • Stand alone
    • Sound active


  • Power: 110/220VAC 50/60Hz @ 3A
  • Laser Output: 4.95mW to 300mW
  • Scan Angle: 90°
  • Shipping Weight: 35 Lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 24" x 11.75" x 10.5"

TE Cooling (Thermal Electric):
Thermal Electric Cooling provides far greater stability during ambient temperature changes than air-cooling. TE cooling increases the laser diode life, is built into the hermetically sealed laser diode and is, therefore, not subject to contamination related failures.

Optical Feedback Stabilization:
While OST technology costs more to integrate, it provides the assurance that (a) the laser diode will last longer (under normal circumstances,(b) will maintain its brightness until it reaches its maximum mean time to failure and (c) as in the case of the <4.95mW Class III R projectors only, will not violate FDA restrictions.


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