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Altman 14" Scoop 154

Altman 14" Scoop 154

Part Number: Altman 154


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Altman 14" Scoop 154

A lightweight multi-purpose elliptical reflector floodlight, this scoop produces a very diffuse, soft-edged beam, with a beam diameter of 15' at a distance of 7.5'. The luminaire is designed to operate high color-temperature Tungsten Halogen lamps as well as standard incandescent lamps. These fixtures are used in theatre and television as both a flood light and a cyclorama fixture. Other uses include photographic and television remote fill light. The scoop is an ideal fixture for color blending and for creating smooth, even washes of light.


  • Heavy spun aluminum construction
  • Etched matte aluminum reflector
  • Integrated rotatable color frame holder
  • Plated steel color frame included
  • Three 36" Teflon lead wires
  • Up to 25' Hi-Temp rubber cable optional
  • U.L. and c.U.L. listed for 1000W
  • Made in the USA
  • Condition: New

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