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Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok E1015 Female Panel Mount Threaded Stud Size #8 to #4 - Black

Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok E1015 Female Panel Mount Threaded Stud Size 8 to 4 - Black

Part Number: Crouse-Hinds E1015-1625

Appears in: Plugs/Connectors

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Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok E1015 Female Panel Mount Threaded Stud Size 8 to 4 - Black

E1015 Cam-Lok "J" Series - For cable size #8-4, 600 volts, rated up to 150 amperes continuous.

Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok single pole connectors are specially designed to provide the ultimate in reliable service even under the most severe operating conditions. These single pole plugs and receptacles are insulated in a specially formulated elastomeric material for water-tightness and safety. They allow you to connect or disconnect electrical equipment instantly without tools. Cam-Lok connectors are the industry standard for motors, generators, indoor and outdoor lighting distribution panels, and numerous other power applications.

  • Exclusive Cam-Lok Action for High Conductivity — Cam-Lok’s double cam principle provides a positive, vibration proof connection. Just 1/3 of a turn assures a high pressure contact approaching 600 lbs. per sq. /in. providing minimum resistance. It gives the best electrical and mechanical connection possible. There is no moving of contact surfaces and therefore, no arcing or burning of contacts. The contacts are a high conductivity copper base alloy carefully machined to a smooth sliding fit, even before locking. SELF-COMPENSATING for wear. Locked contacts will withstand a pulling force of 1000 lbs.
  • Recessed Contacts — Thermoplastic rubber or neoprene insulated jacket extends past end of both male and female contacts for insulation and safety.
  • Color Coded Insulators — All insulators are molded from colorfast material. The five different colors provide fast, easy phase identification.
  • Safety Insulated Panel Receptacles — Panel mounted receptacles permit cable to be quickly connected or disconnected. Available in both male and female receptacles, they are insulated for direct mounting to steel panels thus eliminating costly insulating boards and reducing assembly time. They come with a threaded stud for lug connection or double set screws for connecting cable directly.
  • Interconnectibility — All connectors within a series have the same connection diameter allowing you to connect smaller cables to larger ones. For example, in the E1016 Series you can connect a #2 to a 4/0 cable connector without an adapter.
  • Condition: New

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