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Rosco Image Pro Hybrid Two-Fer

Part Number: Rosco 265255000000


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Rosco Image Pro Hybrid Two-Fer

The ImagePro requires an electrical circuit to power its fan. You may use a either a dedicated circuit (non-dim or dimmable) or alternately you can two-fer the ImagePro in with the dimmer powering the luminaire. A Hybrid Two-Fer with one female parallel blade connector and one female stage pin connector is available from Rosco. Connected in this way, the ImagePro does not use an additional power circuit. Dimming the light will slow the fan speed (and reduce its noise) but since the heat generated by the lamp at lower intensities is also reduced, this does not have a negative impact on the life of the iPro Slide. In fact, at 50% intensity, the life of the iPro Slide is virtually infinite.

  • Condition: New

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