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Doug Fleenor LED100 Power Supply

Doug Fleenor LED100 Power Supply

Part Number: Doug Fleenor LED100

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Doug Fleenor LED100 Power Supply

The totally wireless LED100 power supply is targeted at the event industry. Whereas wireless supplies intended for theater may power a luminaire for several minutes, event power supplies must power the luminaire for several hours. The LED100 powers a Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 for six hours when on full (100% white) and 24 hours on a rolling color fade. Features include W-DMX wireless control, absorptive-glass-mat sealed lead acid batteries, a built in charger, a battery voltmeter, and a five year warranty.


  • Input signal: W-DMX signal from any W-DMX transmitter (i.e. Doug Fleenor Design's Marconi TX)
  • Input circuit: W-DMX 'pico' card from Wireless Solutions, AB
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz ISM band (2402 - 2479 MHz)
  • Antenna connector: Reverse polarity SMA connector
  • Supplied antenna: 2 dBi omni directional 2.4 GHz
  • DMX512 output: Slew rate limited EIA-485 driver. All 512 channels.
  • LED fixture output: DMX512 timings and protocol with 24V single ended signal (for ColorBlast and Spectra PAR)
  • Output connectors: LED fixture: Gold plated 4 pin female XLR (Neutrik D-1 series) rated at 10 amps
  • DMX512: Gold plated 5 pin female XLR (Neutrik D-1 series)
  • Output pinouts:
    • DMX512: LED Fixture:
      • Pin 1: Common Pin 1: +24V
      • Pin 2: Data - Pin 2: not used
      • Pin 3: Data + Pin 3: Data
      • Pin 4/5: Not used Pin 4: Common
  • Output current (power): 4.2 amps (100 watts) continuous
  • Run time:
    • Single ColorBlast 12, Single Spectra PAR, or Two ColorBlast 6(from full charge)
    • 24 Hours on a rolling color fade (red to green to blue to red, etc.)
    • 18 Hours with one LED color on full (red or green or blue)
    • 12 Hours with two LED colors on full
    • 6 Hours with three LED colors on full (full white)
    • Run time with two ColorBlast12 or two Spectra PAR is slightly less than half these times
  • Recharge time:
    • 10 Hours from fully discharged batteries
    • Recharge time is approximately equal to time of use (very roughly)
  • Charge type: 4 stage: Pulse (1.5A pulses), Constant current (1.5A), Constant voltage (28.8V), Float (27.6V)
  • Battery life: 1800 charge/discharge cycles at 30% discharge, 400 charge/discharge cycles at 100% discharge
  • Indicators: Red: POWER, Blue: ASSIGNED, Yellow: RF LINK, Green: DMX512
  • Charge indicator:
    • Flashing: Pre-charge, Orange: Charging, Green: Charged
    • Three digit DMX Start Address and Voltmeter display
  • User controls:
    • On/off toggle switch, DC Rated 20A
    • Three push buttons to set DMX Start Address
    • One push button to activate Voltmeter
    • One (recessed) configure push button
    • Fixture mounting: One top mounted 1/2-13 nut with 1/2-13 bolt and washer supplied
    • Color: Black with white silkscreen nomenclature
    • Size and weight: 8.5"h X 6.5"d X 9.5"w, 29 pounds
    • Mounting options: Two 1/2" holes for half couplers or “C” Clamps

Fixtures in additional photos not included with unit.


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