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Rosco Power Supply Unit PSU-50

Rosco Power Supply Unit PSU-50

Part Number: Rosco 205714020050


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Rosco Power Supply Unit PSU-50

  • CE and UL listed
  • 50 watt Power Supply
  • Input - 100, 120, 240 volt operation (auto sensing) Edison Connector
  • Output - 24V at 1.66A
  • 4 Pin XLR Female connector
  • DMX male connector
  • Power LED on board

Compatible Effect Accessories:

  • Rosco I-Cue
  • Rosco DMX Indexing Rotator AC
  • Lighting/Apollo Chroma Q Broadway
  • AC Lighting/Apollo Chroma Q M1, 2, 5, 8
  • Apollo Roto-Q
  • City Theatrical DMX Iris
  • DHA Twin DMX
  • Rainbow 6", 8", 12" Pro Colour Scroller
  • Rainbow 15" Pro Colour Scroller
  • Wybron Forerunner
  • Wybron Lightwave

The New Idea In Power Supplies For Scrollers and Rotators

Costs far less than other brands

Compatible with most scrollers and rotators currently used

Rosco's new power supplies are compatible with nearly all the color scrollers, gobo rotators and other accessory devices in common use. Most models of Wybron, Rainbow, AC Lighting or Apollo scrollers can be powered by the Rosco PSUs. In addition, the Rosco power supply units will support Rosco and Apollo rotators, the City Theatrical DMX Iris and Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirrors and Indexing Rotators.

A number of features set these Rosco power supply units apart. Most notable of these features is the fan cooling system. Power supplies all share the common problem of shutting down when they are overheated and then coming back on when they are sufficiently cooled down.

These new Rosco power supplies are RDM Upgradeable (pending the completion on the RDM specification) and have been engineered to be compatible with the emerging standard for Remote Device Management.

Perhaps the best news of all about the new power supplies is their low price. They are priced well below other brands ­ and they can be used interchangeably for virtually all the scrollers, rotators and other lighting equipment accessories in your inventory.

  • Condition: New

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