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Robert Juliat TIBO Warm White LED 130mm Fresnel

Robert Juliat TIBO Warm White LED 130mm Fresnel

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Robert Juliat TIBO Warm White LED 130mm Fresnel

The ideal tool for wash light, back and side lighting. Tibo LED Fresnel is an innovative, energy efficient lighting tool featuring an excellent optical system. All Tibo LED units have a flicker-free ballast which makes them suitable for film, television and studio environments as well as in conventional theatre.


  • Continuous 360° rotation of the fixture: adjustment of the projected image is always possible
  • Theatre front cassette: no light spill to distract audiences or performers
  • Colour runners: double runners to hold accessories and colour filters
  • Barn door: unique barn door with 4 individually rotating blades – makes even the most difficult angle possible
  • DMX: 8 or 16 bits dimming and strobe function
  • Parameters: adjustable curves and response thru 4-button display with automatic light switch-off
  • Control: local, DMX, wireless DMX (option)
  • Smooth focus adjustment: from top and bottom with a user-friendly system
  • Tilt reference on hanging yoke: index for rapid repositioning


  • Very long-life lamp source: 50 000 hours - Lumen maintenance greater than 70% after 50 000 hours
  • Beam range: fresnel lens and light source are fixed. Beam angle made by moveable lens.
  • Wash effect: soft edges, very even beam
  • Very wide beam spread: up to 85° from edge to edge
  • Electronic dimmer: dimming without clipping or cut-out at low intensity levels; high quality smoothing
  • No colour shift: colour temperature remains the same when dimming


  • Made in France : fully manufactured in Robert Juliat premises retaining complete control over all aspects of quality
  • Power connectors: neutriK® powerCON TRUE1 IN and OUT connectors for daisy chaining
  • Separate electronic flicker-free PSU: can be separate or on yoke
  • Silent-running cooling fans: ideal for TV studios and opera houses
  • Electronic thermal management system: ensures maximum performance of the system without any risk of overheating
  • Bodywork: die cast aluminium housing
  • Captive knobs and handles: additional security when working at height or in transit
  • Spare parts and accessories: uniform across the tungsten, LED or HID TIBO range, reducing running costs
  • Safety first: front accessories safety cable attachment point
  • Aesthetic impact: no safety grid

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