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Rosco High Definition Custom Plastic Gobo - with Artwork Created in Gobo Maker

Part Number: Rosco 250721000000 - GD HD


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    Rosco High Definition Custom Plastic Gobo - with Artwork Created in Gobo Maker

    Guidelines For Your Custom Gobo Order

    • The Fixtures - The fixture you use will determine the size of the gobo you need. Rosco can manufacture plastic gobos to fit virtually any automated or stationary light. To be sure you get a gobo that fits your fixture, it's best to let us know when you place your order, the manufacturer and model number of the lighting instrument in which the gobo(s) will be used. Also please note that plastic gobos are only to be used with LED fixtures. They will melt in conventional fixtures.
    • Logistical Details - How many gobos do you need? (Do you want an extra for backup?). When do you need the gobos (more specifically, when is the "drop-dead" date since invariably custom gobos are rush jobs!) What is the Ship To address and what shipping method should we use?

    Artwork Specifications:

    File Format:

    • Best Choice for line-art and text (vector art): Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
    • Alternatives:
      • EPS Files (.eps)
      • Formats listed below the photographic images sections
    • Best Choice for photographic images (rasterized art): Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .eps)
    • Alternatives:
      • TIFF Files (.tif)
      • TIFFs should be Photoshop created, layered file and unlocked.
      • JPG (.jpg) - If you will be submitting jpg files, make sure to submit a file that is 2x the size of the finished gobo.
    • Please do not send:
      • CAD Files
      • .GIF Formatted Files
      • Word Documents (.doc)
    • Notes on PDF Documents (.pdf)
    • PDF files are usually created from good art files such as above but have been converted from the original file to pdf so that a client or customer can open it. If you have an art file you can't open due to format, send us this file first. We are happy to then convert it for you to an easier format for you to see the art as well. This helps us to get the best art possible and to keep it from being down graded to lesser art quality.

    Image Size and Resolution Guidelines:

    If you are working in Adobe Illustrator, this section is irrelevant to you.

    Custom High Definition Plastic Gobos should have a resolution of 150 dpi or higher, and at least 381 px by 381 px. We recommend the files be 700px by 700px or larger.

    • Condition: New

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