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Rosco Flamex SF - for Synthetic Fiber - gallon (3.79L)

Rosco Flamex SF - for Synthetic Fiber - gallon (3.79L)

Part Number: Rosco 150079SF0128


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Rosco Flamex SF - for Synthetic Fiber - gallon (3.79L)

Treating synthetic fabrics can be difficult since the synthetic threads of the fabric do not absorb liquids in the same manner that a natural fiber does. Flamex SF is designed to be a penetrating treatment that bonds to the surface of the threads deep within the weave of the material, securing the flame retardant chemicals and rendering an effective protective treatment. Flamex SF will treat many synthetic fabrics, such as polyesters, nylons, acrylics and rayons, as well as most cotton/synthetic blends. A vast range of synthetic fabrics are used in scenery properties and costumer construction. While Flamex SF will work with many of these, always test a sample to insure compatibility and effectiveness. Leaving no residue or powdery build up, Flamex SF simplifies the task of insuring all your softgoods and scenic fabrics will meet the Fire Marshall's expectations.

Use to treat:

  • Nylons
  • Polyesters
  • Acrylics
  • Poly-cotton blends
  • Synthetic velours or felts
  • Condition: New

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