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SLS Rosco Pencil Fogger Kit

SLS Rosco Pencil Fogger Kit



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SLS Rosco Pencil Fogger Kit

Stage Lighting Store presents - bigger savings when you buy a kit! This is a complete kit for the Rosco Pencil Fogger Machine.

Kit includes:

  • Rosco Pencil Fogger
  • 4L Rosco Fog Fluid

The PF-1000 Remote Head Fogger is essentially a fog machine taken out of its box and reassembled to meet special design needs. It is designed for remote, precise applications where the use of a standard fog machine is not practical. The system consists of a Heat Exchanger Module that is separate from the Control Module and attached with tubing and a special cable. The Heat Exchanger Module is approximately 9" (22.9 cm) long and 3" (7.5 cm) in diameter. The Control Module can be mounted on a wall or placed anywhere remote to the Heat Exchanger Module and fluid reservoir.

Rosco Fog Fluid produces virtually any kind of fog effect easily and continuously. It is ideal for use in theater, film, television, live entertainment and special events. Developed almost 30 years ago, this fluid is an original formulation, created as an alternative to potentially hazardous petroleum-based fluids. The development of Rosco Fog Fluid was considered so innovative it won an Academy Award for this technical achievement.

Pencil Fogger Components:

  • Control Module (120 volt)
  • Head Assembly (120 volt)
  • Power Cord
  • 15’ (5.47m) Head Cable
  • 15’ (5.47m) 1/8” Nylon Tube (Quantity 2)
  • Fluid Assembly
  • Air Input Assembly
  • Air Input Fitting (for Head Assembly)
  • 7-pin Male XLR Connector
  • Condition: New


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