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Rosco GAMFloor™ Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor - Matte Princess Pink 48in. x 100'

Part Number: Rosco VFGF260 / 300 62260 0100


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Rosco GAMFloor™ Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor - Matte Princess Pink 48in. x 100'

Rosco GamFloor is a durable, self-adhesive, vinyl floor cover­ing available in a variety of matte and gloss colors. It is flexible enough to conform to moderate contours and can last for months. Afterwards it can be easily removed and discarded, leaving no residue. The 4-mil thick vinyl finish is dyed through, producing matte finishes much softer and gloss finishes much shinier than paint. Its dense opacity covers any color with no drying time or toxic paint odors. GamFloor eliminates messy clean-ups and can be applied to most smooth vertical and horizontal surfaces; concrete, vinyl, wood, painted finishes, glass and plas­ter. 1,000 sq ft of GamFloor can be applied in about one hour and walked on immediately after application. In 10 minutes GamFloor can be removed, restoring the original surface, quickly, easily, and economically. Par­ties, Displays, Photo Shoots, Stage and Studio Sets are just a few of the applications for GamFloor


  • Temporary, self-adhesive, vinyl floor cover.
  • Extremely durable and flexible - lasts for months!
  • Easy and efficient installation and removal.
  • Quick and clean - no messy residue to clean up.
  • Ready to be walked on as soon as it's laid.
  • Can be applied to a variety of smooth surfaces, such as; concrete, vinyl, wood, painted surfaces, glass, plaster, and more!
  • Able to install vertically and horizontally.
  • Can be printed on, ink-jet or laser.
  • Condition: New

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