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Rosco 15786 Universal Iris Slot Holder - B Size

Rosco 15786 Universal Iris Slot Holder - B Size

Part Number: Rosco 250157860000


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Rosco 15786 Universal Iris Slot Holder - B Size

Rosco manufactures gobos holders for use in some of the most popular lighting fixtures. However, given the incredibly wide range of fixtures available around the world, there are many instances where Rosco does not have a holder available. In that instance, you should contact the manufacturer of the specific fixture for their recommendations. Consult the fixture specifications page to determine what size gobo is required for your luminaire and whether one of Rosco's gobo holders will work.


  • Holder is double sided to accommodate two gobos installed at once
  • For use in:
  • ETC Source Four
  • Source Four Zoom
  • Altman Shakespeare
  • Selecon Pacific
  • Strand SL
  • (For use in Drop-In Iris slot. Cannot be used at same time as gobo rotator or Iris Accessory.)


  • B Size (86mm x 64.5mm image area)
  • Glass Gobos or B sized metal gobos
  • Maximum gobo thickness is 4.6mm

  • Condition: New

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