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Rosco Supergel 58 Deep Lavender Gel

Rosco Supergel 58 Deep Lavender Gel

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Rosco Supergel 58 Deep Lavender Gel

Excellent back light. Enhances dimensionality. (Transmission = 10%).

Supergel is the most widely used color filter in the world today. It is comprised of a range of more than 75 colors and 15 diffusions. Selected primarily because of the excellence and range of color, it is unique in its manufacturing and durability as well.

Technical Specifications

  • Thickness: 3 mils Typical (3-5 mils in extremely dark colors)
  • Temperature Limits
    • Melting Point 220°C
    • Softening Point 160°C

The softening point is where the filter begins to show stress marks and break down. Rosco prefers to use polycarbonate plastic because of its higher softening point.

The life of color filters depends on many variables: the color, the instrument and lamp used, the dimmer level a filter generally runs at, and the amount of time the light is running. For these reasons it is impossible to assign a "life" for each filter. However some basics knowledge and experience can help with estimates. Dark green and dark blue filters usually burn out the fastest because they absorb the most infrared energy. Ab(more...)

  • Condition: New

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