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ProGrid 2x8 Line Output Interface TP

Part Number: Clear-Com PG16-16LO-TP

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ProGrid 2x8 Line Output Interface TP

The PG-Audio devices are 1RU digital audio I/O interface devices for the ProGrid Signal Transport Solution featuring the Optocore Optical and SANE CAT5 Digital Network technologies.

All PG-Audio devices transports analog audio and data signals in a variety of ways that can be customized to fit user needs. The PG16-Audio devices have four different card types including microphone inputs, Line Level inputs and outputs, and dual microphone preamplifiers. The cards are available in seven different configurations that enable the conversion of signals: 16 inputs, 16 outputs, 8 inputs, 8 outputs and 8 dual microphone inputs with two independent adjustable gains. A single PG16-Audio-FX device can exchange up to 1024 audio channels from the Optocore Fiber Network and 64 audio channels from the SANE network. A single PG16-Audio-TP device can exchange up to 64 audio channels from the SANE Network and two AES/EBU ports, each capable of 16 channels. Devices include dual power supplies with automatic switchover.


  • 4 x RS485 serial data connections
  • Word Clock input and output
  • 2 x optical LINK interface with duplex LC connectors (FX version only)
  • 2 x AES/EBU ports, 16 channels each (TP version only)
  • USB, RS232 and LAN ports for configuration and control
  • Dual power supply for redundancy
  • PG16-Audio Panels
  • 16-channel converter
  • 4 Card Types:
    • 8 mic inputs
    • 8 line inputs
    • 8 line outputs
    • 8 dual mic inputs


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