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Rosco 2-Head LitePad Vector Daylight Backpack Kit

Part Number: Rosco 292020808056

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Rosco 2-Head LitePad Vector Daylight Backpack Kit

Knowing that shooters would need LitePad Vector to travel wherever their projects took them, we designed two kits that maximize LitePad Vector's compact, lightweight mobility. The two LitePad Vector Kits are available with both the variable color temperature CCT units and 6000K Daylight units.

Some locations are more remote than others. This kit allows shooters to sling two Vectors on their back to illuminate their project - wherever the trek for their project takes them.

LitePad Vector is the light fixture cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers choose for on-location lighting. LitePad Vector Daylight creates the same soft, even illumination that LitePad is known for, at a fixed color temperature of 6000K, while producing four times the output of its 12"x12" LitePad predecessors. The unit's light-weight, compact form-factor makes LitePad Vector the ideal lighting solution for interviews, documentaries and television/feature film productions. Thanks to its on-board dimming and its compatibility with standard Anton/Bauer or V-Mount battery packs, the LitePad Vector easily goes everywhere a flattering, soft light is needed.


  • LitePad Vector Daylight LED fixture with yoke and 100-240VAC power supply
  • 5/8" (16mm) light stand receiver


  • LitePad excluding yoke (W x L x D): 8.25" x 8.25" x 2.82" (210 mm x 210 mm x 72 mm)
  • LitePad including yoke & receiver (W x L x D): 9.7" x 12.5" x 2.82" (246 mm x 318 mm x 72 mm)
  • LitePad excluding yoke: 4.3 lbs (1.95 kg)
  • LitePad including yoke & receiver: 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg)
  • Color Temperature Range: 6000K
  • Lux @ 1m: 1700
Color Metrics:
  • CRI Ra: 86
  • R9: 65
  • CQS: 85
  • Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Power Supply: Universal 100-240VAC input/12VDC-24VDC output
  • Power Consumption: 65W
  • Data: DMX 512 - RJ45 In/Out
  • Housing: Anodized Aluminum (Black)
  • TUV/UL1573 and 8750
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • IP61 Rated

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