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ETC SmartPack Wall Mount 12 - 10A Dimmers (7021A1101)

ETC SmartPack Wall Mount 12 - 10A Dimmers (7021A1101)

Part Number: ETC SL1210W

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ETC SmartPack Wall Mount 12 - 10A Dimmers (7021A1101)

The SmartPack family is a wall-mount unit, perfect for small venues and compact spaces that need permanent quality dimming. SmartPack Wall Mount has all the benefits of the portable system, but as a unit for permanent install it suits the needs of community theatre, schools and small TV studios. For total versatility and convenience the unit can be installed directly without any other parts, ensuring lowest possible cost of ownership.

SmartPack Wall Mount is the simple-to-use lighting control solution. Don’t forget: with built-in presets and sequencer, SmartPack can run on its own – without a console – automating permanent displays and presentations. The Auto Re-start provides convenient hands-off operation day after day. And you don’t have to be a dimming technician to program a sophisticated light show.

The Sequencer makes setting up fade times and hold times easy and intuitive. And regardless of which unit best suits your needs, the entire SmartPack range is designed to take into account problems with poor power quality so as to ensure stable dimming in all situations. Another major benefit of all the products in the SmartPack range is that they are some of the few products within their class and price range using thyristor technology (the same style used in ETC’s Sensor Dimming!). If density and economy are critical, SmartPack is the right solution.


  • 12 x 10A dimmers
  • True thyristor reliability based on Sensor™ technology
  • All magnetic circuit breakers, fully rated
  • Built-in Presets (32) and Sequencer for stand-alone operation
  • DMX512A Compatible

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