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Floor Base to vertically mount up to 4 ElectraPix Bar 8 or 2 ElectraPix Bar 16



  • ElectraPix Bar 8 and ElectraPix Bar 16


  • 25.6" x 25.36 x 7.68" (650x644x5mm)


  • Steel

Unit Weight:

  • 39.6lbs (18kgs.)


The Accu Stand VFB is a robust and versatile solution designed specifically for the vertical mounting of up to four ElectraPix Bar 8 units or two ElectraPix Bar 16 units. This floor base combines strength, precision, and sleek design to provide a stable platform for showcasing your ElectraPix lighting fixtures.

Constructed with high-quality steel, the floor base ensures durability and stability, providing a secure foundation for your lighting setup. The sleek and modern design, coupled with a powder-coated finish, not only enhances the base's aesthetics but also complements the contemporary look of the ElectraPix Bars.

The Metal Floor Base boasts dimensions of 25.6" x 25.36" x 7.68" (650 x 644 x 5mm), offering ample space for mounting multiple ElectraPix Bars in a vertical configuration. This thoughtful design allows for dynamic and impactful lighting arrangements, perfect for stage performances, events, or professional studio setups.

Weighing in at 39.6lbs (18kgs), the base provides substantial weight for stability while remaining manageable for easy setup and relocation. The solid construction ensures that your ElectraPix Bars are securely held in place, even in dynamic environments where stability is crucial.

Assembly is straightforward, with the included instructions guiding you through the process to have your Accu Stand Floor Base ready for action quickly. The carefully engineered dimensions and weight of the base make it a practical and efficient solution for anyone looking to elevate their lighting display.

Whether you're a lighting professional or an enthusiast, our Accu Stand Floor Base offers a reliable and stylish platform for showcasing the brilliance of your ElectraPix Bars. Elevate your lighting experience with this purpose-built solution that combines form, function, and durability.

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