Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting is an art form that I would like to consider the "final glaze" of the painting onstage. It is the one element of the production that visually ties everything together. Without it, we simply cannot see, but with it we can create environments, motion, pacing, concentration and enhanced emotion. My analogy of Painting with Light comes down to the actual similarities of the two visual art forms. There are so many similarities to the actual mediums. Consider a wide brush in paint a wash light in stage lighting. Think of a small highlight brush in painting as an ellipsoidal or a pin spot in stage lighting. Also when cueing some designers like to lay in the background sky before illuminating the more detailed parts of the scenery. The one real difference between the two art forms simply come down to their primary colors. In paint it is red, blue and yellow, while in light it is red, blue and green. Stage lighting units are your brushes and gels and LED clusters are your pallets. - Louie Lumen