Moving Light Hanging Hardware

Stage lighting moving lights are often heavy and are designed to either sit on a flat surface or to be hung in the air on a pipe. ÊThey do require specialized hardware to do the hanging. ÊMake sure you check the specifications of the unit you are using to determine which hardware is right for your unit. ÊThey do vary greatly. - Louie Lumen

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Acclaim Flex Tape Channel Tall Profile
ADJ AV6RB1 - Rigging Bar for the AV6 Video Panels
City Theatrical Tee Slot
City Theatrical Tee Head W/Knob
City Theatrical Tee Slot for Unistrut
City Theatrical Tee Slot W/Integral Split Coupler
City Theatrical Tee Slot Alignment Tool
Elation CUE Pix Rigging Bar
Smarty Hybrid
Smarty Max
Elation FCRFML Flex Channel Optional Opal Lens
Omega Bracket for ECLCYC
Rosco Track Adapter - LSI
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Select up to 4 items to compare.