Gobo (Patterns)

The magic of gobos is that you can not only project simple messages or names, but can also create environments and scenery for an incredibly low cost. Fundamentally, gobos are a steel or glass stencil that blocks and lets light through. Where there is a solid image, the light is blocked, but where it is open or more transparent light will pass through the gobo. The projection will depend upon the pattern you choose from the pre-designed stock gobos or if you decide to design your own. So if you want to project the name of the bride and groom, create a forest, or show light coming through a window, gobos are the way to go! Gobos, also referred to as patterns, can be used in an ellipsoidal (leko) or in the gobo wheel of many moving lights. Add motion to your gobo by putting it in a gobo rotator. Custom Gobos are available in standard sizes (A, B, E, M), unless otherwise noted, and in a moving light size, which is cut to fit the specified moving light fixture. - Louie Lumen