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Omnisistem Pangolin Laser Show Designing And Live Play Software

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SKU: OmniSistem PANG-INTRO LD2000

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The world's most complete laser system is centered around Lasershow Designer 2000 and Showtime.

Every LD2000 system includes Lasershow Designer 2000 and Showtime. These two programs have been used to create more award-winning laser shows than any other. Later, you can add other Pangolin products for special needs.

Lasershow Designer 2000 creates and edits graphics and beam frames. It works like a drawing program, with special features added for laser. You can make graphics like drawings, logos and text. If you are doing beam shows, use LD2000 for aerial effects such as fans, rays, cones and waves. For 1970s-style psychedelic images, the Abstract Generator makes incredible moving spirograph patterns. You can even turn photographs into TV-type raster pictures for unique special effects.

Showtime is where you add effects to your frames. Simply drag and drop frames and effects onto the timeline and stretch the resulting event to your desired time. Shows can be completely preprogrammed (just hit Play or start SMPTE), or you can assign events to keys, so that you can play along with live music.

Every LD2000 system includes over 70 high-quality shows (13 or which are international award winners) and more than 120,000 frames and animations. This tremendous amount of free material benefits you in many ways:

You can get started right away. Use the laser shows as-it-is, or change just a few frames to customize a show with your client's logos.

Use the shows as learning aids. If you see a great effect, you can go into the show to see how it was done.

Use the pre-drawn clip art frames and animations to build your own shows. LD2000 has previewing and indexing features, to help you find the right frame. With all this free artwork, you'll get a great head start on producing impressive laser shows.

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