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Nady Wireless Personal In-Ear Monitor System with Earbud Headphones

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Nady Wireless Personal In-Ear Monitor System with Earbud Headphones

NOTE: Please see chart below for frequency options

The Nady EO3 Wireless Personal In-Ear Monitor System is a complete, reliable, and affordable solution for in-ear wireless. The EO3 provides high-quality audio transmission up to 300-feet, extended battery life up to 20 hours of use, and a virtually endless expansion of receivers. The E03 serves perfectly for live music performances, event/security communication relays, and various other musical or commercial multi-user applications.

  • Ultra-compact design with an operating range of 300-feet and up to 130dB for in-ear monitoring
  • Ideal for both small and large venues
  • Operates at an uninterrupted frequency range which provides stability and maximum compatibility with other close-range UHF/VHF wireless systems
  • Compatible with professional in-ear monitor earbuds and consumer headphones with 3.5mm jack
  • Any number of EO3 receivers can be used with a single EO3-T transmitter
  • Perfect for live music performances, event coordination, staff direction, and security communication relay
Frequency Options
Receiver SystemFrequency OptionFrequency (MHz)
EO3Channel AA72.1 MHz
Channel BB72.3 MHz
Channel CC72.5 MHz
Channel DD72.7 MHz
Channel EE72.9 MHz
Channel FF75.5 MHz
Channel GG75.7 MHz
Channel HH75.9 MHz
  • Condition: New

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