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Robert Juliat Buxie - 575W MSD Electronic PSU Followspot

Robert Juliat Buxie - 575W MSD Electronic PSU Followspot

Part Number: Robert Juliat FPR1124004


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Robert Juliat Buxie - 575W MSD Electronic PSU Followspot

Buxie’s 2,000-hour, 575 W MSD HR lamp, gives the security of hot restrike whilst its quiet electronic PSU is fixed
to the yoke for space saving. Buxie’s compact dimensions make it perfect for use as a truss spot or when space is
at a premium.

Type: Followspot
Source: 575 W MSD
PSU: Electronic - hot restrike
Optics: 10.5° to 22.5° zoom
Standard: 110 V North American


  • Fully closing iris: removable for fast, easy replacement
  • Universal gobo holder: "A" size glass and metal gobo
  • Smooth dimmer shutter: retains flat beam and colour temperature when dimming
  • Internal glass filter holder: long term use of durable coloured, dichroic or textured glass
  • Colour changer: 6-way, 'push/pull' colour changer system for simultaneous use of multiple filters
  • Easy focus reference: graduated scale on side of lantern; fast and easy refocusing


  • SX optical system: double condenser optics for exceptional optical quality
  • Variable zoom optics: sharp focus at every beam angle. Independent control of image size and focus.


  • Made in France : fully manufactured in Robert Juliat premises retaining complete control over all aspects of quality
  • Bodywork: strong sheet metal construction for durability
  • Moving parts: smooth at all times, even when hot
  • Captive knobs and handles: additional security when working at height or in transit
  • Easy access to all parts: easy cleaning, re-lamping and maintenance
  • Removable assemblies: fast-plug cable connectors and complete component assemblies (mirror, condenser set and lamp house assembly) save maintenance and cleaning time
  • Condition: New

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