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ETC Unison DRd6 Rack Package

ETC Unison DRd6 Rack Package

Part Number: ETC E123ML

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ETC Unison DRd6 Rack Package

Package Includes:

  • 12 Channel / 6 Module 120/208VAC (Dimmer Modules Sold Separately)
  • 3P/4W 100A *ML Rack
  • Echo Architectural control processor

Note: Unison DMX Rack Dealer Package prices DO NOT include:

  • Dimmer Modules
  • Control Stations
  • Optional engineering services
  • DMX control consoles or plug-in stations
  • Unison Paradigm Processor
  • Charges for frieght/delivery
  • Optional System Energization

Scaled to the power you need. The newest member of ETC’s SmartLink family of plug-and-play lighting control and dimming products is the easy-to-use SmartLink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) in the new Unison DRd dimming enclosure. For the first time, small- to mid-sized architectural venues can seize the advantages of modularity – both in dimming and control.

DRd has you covered as no other system can. When power spikes or surges happen, our HighFault protection provides a short-circuit current rating starting at 22,000 amps. The main breaker auxiliary cabinet boosts the short-circuit current rating to 100,000 amps. Without requiring a processor or any configuring, a clearly marked, convenient All-On switch behind the unit’s locking door turns all loads on to full. And when the system is used for temporary lighting – such as during construction – you can use the breakers or the All-On switch to control the lights. The DRd also features QuickBoot, coming online in seven seconds, and the UL924-Listed Bypass Input for even faster emergency lighting use.

Dimmer Doubling™: Twice the control, half the dimmers. Conserve precious space in dimmer rooms. ETC's exclusive Dimmer Doubling technology allows two Source Four® lighting fixtures to operate independently, as if they were connected to separate dimmers.

Fluorescent dimming, and way more. When it comes to fluorescent dimming, Unison DRd can handle it all: two- and three-wire dimming ballasts with standard modules, DALI Ballasts with the DALI Option Board, and 0-10V ballasts with the FLO Option Board. And DRd doesn’t stop at fluorescent control: we do reverse-phase dimming (trailing edge) for electronic low-voltage transformers, and a full range of other loads.


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