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Custom Gobos 

Custom Gobos
Why be limited by someone else's gobo designs? Today, image manipulation is made easy for the masses, so go ahead and design your own gobo. If you're new to the world of gobos, they are simply stencils that allow light to project an image. Generally, people choose the images from pre-designed gobos, but if you have a specific need or desire, you can design your own. Our Gobo Maker tool below makes the creation process a snap! Not only is it simple, it's fun to play with. You only need to provide us with a .jpg, .pdf, .ai, .eps, or .tif for your image. You can create custom gobos in either glass (for multi-colored images) or steel. So go ahead, treat the bride & groom to something special, make your corporate event even more professional, or simply have a great unique addition to your theatrical design.